Unparalleled program support services




Augeo FI is SSAE 16 certified and PCI compliant, level 1. To ensure secure data acceptance and delivery, we continuously monitor and provide real-time backups of both client and internal data. Augeo FI’s disaster recovery plan defines backup protocol and secure protection for software, hardware and firmware.



Augeo FI understands that the security of the data collected and stored is critical. We continuously assess potential risks and deliver smart and efficient business process and technical support that enable you to meet your data protection and privacy objectives.



Customer service

Every touch point between you and your cardholders is critical to your success. Our programs are designed to deepen your customer relationships and deliver positive experiences each and every time. Your program managers benefit from a client services team with decades of loyalty and engagement experience.


Program marketing services

There are many channels for cardholders to connect with your institution. Through best in class UI/UX, innovative email and snail mail campaigns, social engagement channels and in-store experience support from Augeo FI means your program can quickly establish awareness and foster adoption.